Red, White & Blue Owl Patriotic Wreath


So… y’all know that I love owls. And I love ‘Murica. So I combined the two to make this awesome patriotic owl wreath. I’m pretty sure I’m on the verge of having an owl wreath for every holiday/season. But today, we’re talking about this red, white & blue owl patriotic wreath!How did I go about making this adorable little owl (I call him Unc-owl Sam). First, I got a wood cutout of an owl at Michael’s, and then I just went crazy in the scrapbook paper aisle. Like, pretty much they won’t let me back into my local Michael’s. I was running up and down the aisles, grabbing red, white, and blue scrapbook paper all willy nilly. It was insanity.

No, but really. If you want to make a patriotic owl like this, don’t be afraid to mix patterns! I had so much fun just playing with all the different papers, figuring out what would work best.


I finished my owl patriotic wreath by putting it up against a red, white, and blue burlap wreath. I was fortunate to find the burlap wreath at Wal-Mart on discount for about $4 – but I’m sure if you wanted to just make it yourself, you could probably get the colored burlap pretty inexpensively. I did also use some printed burlap and twine for the bow tie, and stickers for the pupils of the owl’s eyes, but you could use anything really to decorate your own owl.

I love my new owl patriotic wreath because it works for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, AND Labor Day! Basically, I can put it up in May, and I can keep it up through September! Woot. I really got into the patriotic decor this year, I think mainly because I knew I could keep it up for a good three months. And technically, I could actually keep it up year round (if I didn’t love decorating for Halloween and Christmas so much!).

This owl patriotic wreath was super easy to make, and it doesn’t take too much time either. I used Mod Podge to glue everything. So it does take a little while to dry, but I think the most time-consuming part of the project is just figuring out your favorite paper and patterns to use on the owl!


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