Wake Up! with Free Printables

I have a confession…I’m NOT a morning person. It takes three alarms on my phone plus some gentle nudging and not-so-gentle prodding from husband to get up in the morning. So I decided to put up some motivating posters to help me wake up in the morning.

Wooden Owl Wall Art

This is my second owl craft in about three weeks, so I guess you can probably tell that I like owl stuff. I recently moved into a new apartment and the walls are pretty bare, so I thought, “Why not make some owl stuff to put on the walls?”


Fascinating Fascinators!

Hey everybody, I had the opportunity to go to a “Mad Hatter” party last week, and I learned how to make this amazing fascinator. If you don’t know what a fascinator is, it’s like a little hat that attaches onto your head with a headband – the kind that Kate Middleton and her ilk might wear. (more…)

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