Repurpose Valentine’s Day Flowers into Fun DIY Flower Crafts

FlowerCraftHappy Valentine’s Day! Don’t you just LOVE this holiday? Isn’t it a LOVE-ly time of the month? Haha, okay all jokes aside, I think Valentine’s Day is such a nice day because it doesn’t have to be just about showing love to your significant other. You can use the day to tell your friends and family how much you love and appreciate them too! And as much as I love receiving Valentine’s Day flowers, I like to share them with others as well. 


I received this beautiful Valentine’s Day bouquet delivered to my office by FTD – and let me just tell you, they were gorgeous. First and foremost, they arrived in a giant box that was literally almost as tall as me. The flowers were expertly packed to ensure they showed up in pristine condition.


I probably should have put something next to it for size reference. But trust me, it was about 5 ft tall.

I really enjoyed keeping them on my desk in my office, but when the weekend came around, I brought them home, and then it was crafting time! I made this adorable little vase out of a mason jar, chalkboard paint, and baker’s twine. It seriously only took about 5 minutes, and it turned out super cute. This vase was similar to my DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that I made last year, but it was even simpler! No glue or dry time required. (Although I did paint the chalkboard paint on another day – How to Paint with Chalkboard Paint.)


I added a few heart-shaped stones in the bottom, and then I pulled some of the beautiful purple flowers (hydrangeas?) from my bouquet and put them in the mini-vase. Now I had a simple, but thoughtful gift to give to a friend! This is one of my favorite ways to re-purpose Valentine’s Day flowers and craft at the same time!

What do you do with your Valentine’s Day flowers (besides enjoy them)?

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