Pamper Yourself for the Holidays with an HD Beauty Facial

I received incentives to write this post, however all experiences and opinions expressed are my own.HDBeautyFacial

Hey everybody, happy holidays! I know I’m generally all about the DIY stuff, but today I’m going to talk to you about something that’s extremely important during the busy, crazy, hectic holiday season – taking care of yourself! I took one for the team and went out and got an HD Beauty Facial in order to get the lowdown on the best place to get a facial in San Diego. Believe me when I say, this was actually a pretty hard assignment!

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Oh yeah right, getting pampered at the spa is such hard work…” cue the eye roll. Well let me say, in the course of all my DIY and baking projects I’ve been burned by hot glue, I’ve been burned by ovens, I’ve stubbed toes, and I’ve hammered fingers, but this was my bravest endeavor yet… For my San Diego facial I went on camera without makeup! Seriously, I won’t even go to get milk from the corner market without at least putting on some foundation, so this is a pretty big deal!

I always had pretty good skin while growing up – even during the treacherous teen years. But when I got pregnant with my daughter two years ago, that all changed. I started having lots of outbreaks due to all my crazy pregger hormones, and even after she was born, I continued to battle breakouts. Now, my skin is a little more under control, but it’s definitely not Alicia-Keys-no-makeup worthy.

I met up with Melanie Trahan from HD Beauty the Skincare Boutique and we talked about my trouble areas – mainly my “T” zone and the left side of my face (mainly because I touch that side of my face a lot while I sleep).

Melanie was extremely knowledgeable, and put together a custom facial treatment to address my concerns and renew my skin. My facial included microdermabrasion, a light peel, LED light therapy, ultrasonic exfoliation (with an ultrasonic skin spatula!) and extractions. This is me attempting to take a mid-facial selfie, without getting cleanser in my eyes:


I was absolutely blown away by how great my skin looked and felt after my HD Beauty facial! Seriously, I felt like I was glowing. And not only did my skin feel better, I felt so much more relaxed.


After the HD Beauty facial, I talked with Melanie a little more, and she went over some things I could do to maintain my “glow.” Watch my video for her top 3 tips for good skin! And you can follow Melanie on Facebook and Instagram for even more tips!

For all my San Diego readers out there, Melanie is offering some great deals for the holidays, including 10% off most skincare products and a special deal on the 24 Karat Liquid Gold facial – um, how amazingly decadent does that sound? And for all my friends and family reading this, HD Beauty the Skincare Boutique offers instant, printable gift certificates (hint hint, wink wink).



This holiday season, when you’re out fighting the shopping crowds, stressing out about how you’re going to get everything done in time, just remember: be kind to yourself! Treat yourself to an hour of rest and relaxation – and come out looking gorgeous – with a facial from HD Beauty the Skincare Boutique!

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