DIY Steampunk Costume

Steampunk-CostumeI wanted to share a few more pictures of my steampunk costume in progress. Tuesday I shared my how-to on making your own steampunk goggles. I explained a bit about “steampunk” in that post if you’re wondering what it is. Well, here’s the thing about steampunk…it can be very expensive.A lot of women in steampunk wear corsets, and the going rate for a corset is about $75 and up. I wasn’t sure if I would have any opportunities to wear a steampunk outfit anywhere, and I couldn’t justify spending a bunch of money, so I set about making my own steampunk costume. Below is my “before” picture.


I bought this costume on clearance. It was supposed to be some kind of “bar wench.” I saw some steampunk potential in it, however. I especially loved the brown striped skirt, but I wasn’t crazy about the green top skirt  – so I cut it off! I also changed out the yellow ribbon in the vest-type corset deal for some faux leather.

The above is a “before” picture for the hat, goggles, gloves, and dress. I just haven’t finished the hat or gloves yet. But I’m pretty excited about what I have so far.


I added some brown boots (which I got from Macy’s I think, but you can’t really see in the picture anyway), a leather pouch for keeping my phone in, and a brown bustle I found on Etsy.


It’s a pretty basic bustle, so I might add onto it with some other fabrics. So far, I’m loving my DIY steampunk costume though.

What do you think? Have you ever made a costume for yourself?

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