Diy Halloween Lanterns


Okay, so I know we’ve all had a craft fail or two, right? You know how it goes, it seems like it’s going to be an easy craft, nothing can go wrong, and then it turns out looking…y’know…meh. Well, have you ever had the opposite happen? You’re not sure about a DIY project or craft, and then it turns out SO MUCH BETTER than you were expecting. That’s exactly what happened to me with these DIY Halloween lanterns. (more…)

Moldiv’s Instagram Photo Contest #ILoveMoldiv

Moldiv-Kiss my baby2I have a big problem…I’m addicted to Instagram! Whenever I have a free minute I’m opening it up on my phone, browsing through pictures, posting selfies, hashtagging, etc. It might not seem like such a big problem, but I’m on Instagram ALL. THE. TIME. Are you addicted to Instagram too? Well then I have the perfect Instagram contest for you! (more…)

Smart Financial Planning with Aflac

I have to admit, in the past my husband and I haven’t been the most fiscally responsible people. We’re more “fly by the seat of our pants” types of people than the type to sit down and discuss financial planning. BUT when we found out we were expecting a baby, all that changed. We began to think of health insurance premiums as a monthly budget essential – more like rent, less like a discretionary expense (such as entertainment). This year we started to educate ourselves about how your insurance deductible works (definitely essential when you’re going to the OB 1-4 times a month). (more…)

Storage Drawers Redo


Hi all! I think I’ve mentioned just a few times that I’m in the middle of a major overhaul of my house. Rooms are being moved around. Craft stuff is being arranged. Nurseries are being created. It’s craziness. Part of all this craziness is trying to make sense of all the craft stuff that has been haphazardly thrown into the craft room, which must now all be moved to a new craft room. And of course, I want it to all be carefully organized in a neat, yet cute, way. (more…)

Pumpkin Brownies


Can I take a minute and just tell you how much I love fall? Seriously. It’s my favorite season. I can’t get enough of the cool, crisp weather and the falling leaves, and I love, love, love pumpkins. I like carving pumpkins, I like decorating the house with pumpkins, and I like pretty much any recipe that involves pumpkin. (more…)

BLT Mac and Cheese Cupcakes


Sometimes I get a little jealous of my husband because his workplace is so much more fun than mine his. This week, he and his co-workers had a macaroni and cheese cook off! You could cook whatever kind of macaroni and cheese recipe you wanted, as long as it had the two main ingredients: macaroni and cheese. I was recruited to help him out with his recipe, and together we came up with the idea of BLT macaroni and cheese cupcakes. (more…)

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