Stylish Sun Safety with Babiators

Babiators provided me with the information and product samples for this post, however all opinions are my own.

Is your family ready for summer? I’m super excited for the longer days and fun in the sun, but not so excited about what the sun can do to my daughter with its damaging rays. Although children’s eyes are more sensitive to the sun than adults, they actually receive 3X more sun exposure each year. Kids need real protection to keep their eyes safe from UV damage, and Babiators offer that protection. (more…)

Pepper Jack Cheese Sauce with ALDI

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A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you all how excited I was that ALDI has arrived to Southern California. I got so many great things at such great prices! In addition to the many staple items that I use on a daily and/or weekly basis, I got many of my favorite fresh foods for summer. Today, I want to share a special meal I made with high-quality ALDI ingredients, featuring my delicious homemade pepper jack cheese sauce! (more…)

$100 Starbucks Giveaway

Starbucks-Gift-Card-0 (1)Who doesn’t like coffee, right? Even during the summer, I love me a good iced coffee or iced tea! And with $100 to Starbucks, you could buy yourself lots of yummy coffee and treats! Enter now to win this awesome $100 Starbucks giveaway. (more…)

Enjoy Milk Again – with a2 Milk®

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Enjoying milk and cookies has always been a tradition in my family, but both my daughter and I often experience tummy troubles when eating and drinking dairy. That definitely makes it a problem to enjoy this special treat! However, with a2 Milk® we can enjoy my favorite cookie recipe – bacon chocolate chip cookies – without the discomfort. (more…)

ALDI Comes to Southern California!

This post was sponsored by ALDI as part of Influencer Activation for Influence Central.

For a while now, I’ve been hearing about this grocery chain called ALDI – mainly that they sell really good quality meat for really low prices. I saw Pinterest posts, Facebook posts, and news articles all about how great this grocery store was, but I’d never actually been to one! So you can imagine how excited I was when I found out ALDI was coming to Southern California! (more…)

Get Your Home “Company Ready” – with Kids! – with BISSELL Big Green Rental


It’s summer time, and it’s my very favorite time for entertaining! BUT – with a toddler and 3 dogs, it’s hard to keep my home “company ready” – ya know what I mean? Between spilled milk, juice stains, and muddy paws, my carpet is a complete mess! Definitely not something I want my visitors to see. So I decided to put some carpet cleaners to the test, and see what would work best to keep my home “company ready” – with kids! (more…)

Celebrate National Learn to Swim Day with SwimWays

This post was sponsored by SwimWays as part of an Activation for Influence Central. I received products to facilitate my review.
Did you know National Learn to Swim Day is May 21, 2016? With summer looming right around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to raise awareness about water safety and the importance of teaching children to swim!


Journeying through “Amazinghood” with Dreft

This post and giveaway were made possible by iConnect and Dreft. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.
Have you ever noticed how the older you get, the faster time seems to fly by? I know it’s a bit of a cliché, but I’m aware of it now more than ever as I watch my daughter get bigger by the day. It seriously seems like just a few months ago that I was pregnant with my daughter, getting everything ready for the “big day.” I remember a big part of prep was washing all of her new clothes with Dreft. (more…)

DIY Busy Board


Okay, so crazy life update: my baby girl is no longer a baby! She’s a toddler! And she does more than just toddle – she walks, runs, climbs – the whole kit and caboodle. AND she loves getting into everything, and I mean EV-ERY-THING. So when I saw a picture on Facebook of a busy board a super creative dad made for his son, I knew I had to make a busy board for my daughter! (more…)

March Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

design (58)Happy Spring, everybody! I’m so excited for the Amazon gift card giveaway this month – my blogger friends and I are giving away a $500 Amazon gift card! Yowza! $500 is the most I think I’ve ever seen given away, so I definitely recommend that you sign up for the giveaway this month. (more…)

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