One Artsy Mama’s Birthday Giveaway

3rdbdayHi all! Week before last Amy from One Artsy Mama helped me celebrate my birthday, and now we’re celebrating her blog’s birthday – it’s the three year anniversary of One Artsy Mama!  In honor of 3 years, there are three prizes! (more…)

Banana and Chocolate Cream Pie


Happy Pi Day! In case you don’t know what Pi Day is, it’s March 14, or 3/14. 3.14 is the approximate ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Technically, pi is a irrational number, so its decimal representation never ends. But for all intents and purposes, the magical number of pi is 3.14. To celebrate Pi Day I decided to make pie and join the Pi Day Pie Party!

Pi Day Pie Party Graphic - Square (more…)

Diy Mardi Gras Frame

Mardi-Gras-Bead-CraftsHappy Mardi Gras! I made a great DIY Mardi Gras centerpiece last year, and decided to follow it up with a Mardi Gras frame/wreath. Even though I don’t live even remotely close to New Orleans, Mardi Gras is a great holiday for me because I love the Mardi Gras colors so much. You can’t go wrong with purple, green, and gold! (more…)

20 Wishes: February Update and Giveaway


Hello, all. Before I start with my 20 Wishes update for February (as well as this month’s FABULOUS giveaway), I wanted to share with you this awesome little lamp I found while thrift shopping. It’s totally a Genie in a Bottle lamp, minus the genie (don’t mind the pug in the picture…he shows up around here from time to time). I’ve decided to update the lamp for every month’s 20 Wishes update. (more…)

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